Monday, October 22, 2012

Marbling on Paper

Hi everyone, i saw this on blog. thought i just share it here.

ok let's do this!

You will need:

1. Marbling paint
2. Tray
3. Paper (make sure it fits inside your tray)
4. Water
5. Sticks (Satay stick will do)
6. Cooking oil
7. Newspaper
8. An old top or apron

1. Fill your foil container with some water….a few inches is fine. Then pop some drops of marbling    
    paint onto the water. Limit your palette to three or four colours.
2. Give the water a swirl with a stick.3. Shake a few more drops into the water if you fancy!4. Once you are happy with the pattern gently lower your paper on top of the water and leave it for a few moments.5. Then carefully lift the paper off the surface of the water.6. Pop your design, face up, on some newspaper to dry.

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